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    Country Desk

Belgium-Germany Country Desk

BDO has dedicated a special service to its German and/or German-speaking customers: “BDO German Desk”. With this, BDO is meeting the expectations of its customers, and in addition to its activities in the field of audit/assurance, tax/legal, accounting/reporting and corporate finance, is also paying attention to language-specific and country-specific aspects.

This multidisciplinary service is aimed primarily at German-speaking subsidiaries in Belgium whose parent company is located in Germany, as well as at companies in the region of Eupen around St. Vith. With its specialist know-how, BDO German Desk is excellently placed for this target group and advises or serves German and/or German-speaking customers in an optimal way.

Fiscal, legal and accounting guidance

  • assistance in choosing between company (subsidiary) or branch (permanent establishment)
  • completion of all start-up formalities
  • drawing up and optimisation of VAT returns, financial statements and corporation tax returns
  • responsible representation regarding VAT, reclaiming foreign VAT
  • guidance on take-overs of Belgian companies (due diligence, take-over contracts, structuring)
  • drafting of and advice on commercial contracts (hire, agency, cooperation agreements, etc.)  

Guidance on personnel matters

  •  legal assistance in the recruitment of staff and optimisation of the differences between the two countries
  • drafting of employment contracts with optimisation of Belgian or German employment law
  • coordination of all periodic payroll formalities
  • drafting salary splits, applying for expat status
  • optimisation of social security position (secondment, multiple employment in accordance with EU regulations)