• Partnership BDO and Living Tomorrow

Partnership BDO and Living Tomorrow

On 7 October 2021, BDO concluded a partnership for the next five years with the renewed Living Tomorrow, the largest innovation campus in Europe. With this partnership, we want to put our growing and future-oriented consultancy services in the spotlight on the one hand, and, on the other, attract the coveted talent to build an innovative, sustainable and inclusive future together.

After all, BDO has been offering so much more than solely financial, legal or accounting services for quite some time now. In Belgium alone, we count about 200 Advisory consultants, specialised in areas such as Corporate Finance, Strategy & Transformation, Risk and Digitalisation. While our more ‘traditional’ services have implemented and now target further adoption of all kinds of innovations going forward, our Advisory experts are active in carrying out the ‘vision’ domains of Living Tomorrow.

Threefold partnership

The strength of our partnership lies in three pillars:

  1. Preparing clients and partners for innovative trends in sectors in which BDO is active: 'Real Estate', 'Healthcare', 'Transport & Logistics' and 'Technology'.
  2. Offering a new inspiring meeting place for clients and employees. There are auditoria for workshops, networking events with partners or recruitment days. And also for strategy meetings or C-level gatherings.
  3. Being part of a large ecosystem in which we, together with the other partners, formulate feasible solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Top talent as a weapon for the future

The cooperation is also an additional asset for attracting extra talent. To maintain our competitive advantage, we are vigorously targeting the inflow of young people and focusing on the expertise and development of experienced staff.

Find out more about our partnership with Living Tomorrow here and here.

New innovation campus reaches maximum height

The new innovation campus of Living Tomorrow reached its maximum height in October 2022. The building is an instant example of how we will build in the future.

 ‘Vertical construction, with the smallest possible footprint on the ground and as much space for greenery as possible, is the way we will (have to) go in the future.’ - Frank Beliën, founder and chairman of the Living Tomorrow Group