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    “I feel that the automotive industry is in crisis. Or am I wrong?”

Automotive & Mobility

A great deal is happening in the world of mobility, and so in the automotive industry too. Pressured by the growing awareness surrounding sustainable mobility and the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the almighty status of the car is being eroded. The margin on regular car sales is shrinking, car ownership is falling, maintenance intervals are getting longer and the modal shift and smart mobility are gaining in importance. Moreover, consumers are becoming less loyal to their brand.

These developments are challenging the existing market but, at the same time, they are offering a whole host of opportunities. Not least thanks to electrification and digitalisation. Consider, for example, the flexible and multimodal commuting or the evolution towards electric and self-driving cars. In any case, they are forcing manufacturers and dealers to scale up and to develop innovative solutions in order to respond optimally and flexibly to changing demand and expectations.

Meanwhile, the competition isn’t standing still either. Knowing what the customer wants in the near and distant future is crucial. Moreover, car dealers must increasingly invest in order to bind customers (including fleet customers) and earn their loyalty. At the same time, digitalisation and automation offer manufacturers opportunities to achieve further productivity gains and to organise the supply chain to customers and suppliers in a smarter and thus more cost-efficient manner.

Proactive, fast and flexible

These market evolutions - national and international - have an impact on all the links in your business and earnings model: legal, human resources and personnel policy, finance, taxation, risk management, strategy, etc. Both vertically and horizontally. Only those who can adapt quickly and flexibly will survive. And that’s no overstatement!

With a critical eye, our experts help you find the right focus to respond proactively and accurately to the right risks, to find the right levers to improve the efficiency of the organisation (organisational effectiveness improvement) and to provide answers to strategic questions such as ‘As a dealer holding, how do I get the most out of all my sales outlets?’, ‘On which partners can I build?’, ‘Does a takeover fit in with my growth strategy?’, ‘What risks does my contracts with the importer include?’, ‘How do I bind customers to my brand(s) and service offering?’, etc.

Operationally, we’re equally strong. For example, our experts can guide you in the development of strategy, risk management, sales and acquisitions, financing, digitalisation, <linken naar https://www.bdo.be/nl-be/diensten/advisory> and audit processes <linken naar https://www.bdo.be/nl-be/diensten/audit-assurance>. They know which digital processes can optimise or automate your business. In a cyber-secure and GDPR-compliant manner, of course. They also help you to generate the right data (including big data) so that, subsequently, you can maximise their value.

Finally, we have the right ‘change experts’ in house to steer the change and transformation of an organisational model in the right direction, to help integrate new technology or ICT systems, to reorient personnel policy, etc. in a way that meets the least resistance.

What are you looking for?

All that expertise under one roof? Yes, indeed. Even if we say so ourselves, we have a thorough command of the automotive sector, we know the different modes of transport, we know how a manufacturer thinks and works, we understand the world of new, sustainable mobility and its applications, we follow the trends and regulations in both global and local markets, etc.

In other words, your company can count on a multidisciplinary team that is in touch with your sector, your culture, your objectives and your operational, financial and strategic challenges. And always in line with the values, norms and culture of your business. Use our knowledge and solutions within the following segments:

  • production of motor vehicles 
  • sale of motor vehicles 
  • leasing and renting 
  • ‘Smart Mobility’.

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