• Financial Services

    “Compliance, risk management, reporting, digitisation, etc. I’m looking for specialists in every niche!”

Financial Services

Today it is no longer enough to know about everything. You need specialists who know and understand the niche and the tricks of the trade. In the world of financial services, developments are following each other in rapid succession. Never before has the impact of encroaching (data) technology and digitisation been so great. Imagine being active in the financial world today. As a bank, insurer, fintech company, fund manager, payment provider, etc.

Moreover, regulation is increasing across the board at both European and national level. Positive in the battle against fraud, safeguarding privacy and creating more transparency. But the associated workload is often heavily underestimated. And not all countries apply the rules the same way. Furthermore, the regulators (National Bank, FSMA, European Central Bank, etc.) closely monitor every move.

Finally, everything you do entails risks: strategic, financial, operational, IT, compliance, legal, etc. Being cautious does not mean avoiding the risks - that is impossible anyway - but acting in a calculated and decisive manner. The essence of effective risk management is not so much a matter of eliminating the risks as it is one where you (and your board of directors) know them, assess them correctly and keep them under control.

Future proof

It is important to be agile and to respond to all changes. Proactive if possible. Continually and optimally compliant. That is easier said than done. After all, existing products, services and business models cannot be adapted just like that. More recent players - think of the fintech companies - suddenly have to take many more rules into account. That does not match with their entrepreneurial drive. They may be the best entrepreneurs, but doing business with a regulator who is looking over your shoulder at every step requires a totally different mindset. Our experts speak from experience.

What are you looking for?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ miracle solution. But there is tailored advice. From the right experienced specialists. That is what we are strong in. Professional and pragmatic. Personal and involved. As a multidisciplinary team, we constantly consult with colleagues who are specialised in other, related fields, such as taxation, labour law, information technology, business processes, privacy, cybersecurity, etc. Always in line with the values, norms and culture of your company or organisation.

We do not believe in large, all-encompassing, theoretical proposals. After all, even before they are put down on paper, events have already overtaken them. Practical advice stands or falls on the manoeuvrability it provides. We move with what is going on in the market and with the needs and requirements of your company or organisation. So that you can focus on what really matters for your growth of your company and for the trust of your customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

Knowledge and solutions

Having and maintaining control is key to clarifying the focus and strategic objectives - and their adequate monitoring - and to strengthening financial resilience. Why not share the knowledge and know-how of our experts? We have in-house specialists with years of experience in numerous companies and sectors. They know the market. Use their knowledge and solutions to