• Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Customers are becoming pickier, they want to have every wish satisfied immediately, they change their preferences rapidly, they are looking more than ever for convenience, digital and self-service services and apps, etc. In order to respond effectively - and successfully - to this ‘customer journey’ and to exceed customer expectations (‘customer excellence’), it is impossible to ignore the digital transformation. Furthermore, the competitive pressure from big tech and fintech companies is increasing.

Digitisation has become an ongoing process that translates into new cooperation strategies and business models, innovative start-ups and transformation projects in the short and medium term. Also internally. Just think of data-driven management and ‘go-to-market’ strategies.

Business 5.0

If your customer’s behaviour and expectations change, you must dare to question and optimise your business model with all its processes. A strong company is a resilient company with agile employees. Advanced technology is an undeniable driver and accelerator. Artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), cryptocurrencies, big data, blockchain and robotics are driving the 4th industrial revolution towards business 5.0, the gateway to autonomous business processes within all the links of the value chain.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts will help you gain insight into where and in what way digitisation and ‘platformisation’ offer a real competitive advantage in line with your specific requirements and ambitions.

And where useful, they can guide you in the transformation of processes and systems, to automate them as much as possible with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or to optimise them with data visualisation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, process mining, intelligent reporting and business intelligence. The digitisation in the financial sector is irreversible and hot, but the need for stable, customer-oriented and secure financial services is timeless.

Good to know: BDO Digital and FPT Software Vietnam have been working closely together for years in the development of software applications. In this way, we offer your business a ‘best shore’/offshore software development model. 

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