• Manufacturing

    “How can I optimally digitise my processes? If I don’t do that today, I will weaken my market position.”


Technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, driving on hydrogen, etc. have long (maybe too long) remained under the radar within manufacturing. They looked promising, but concrete applications on a large scale failed to materialise. That’s ‘failed’ in the past tense though, because nowadays they are being increasingly rolled out every day in order to make processes more efficient and digital.

The message here is to work together but differently. Ever more frequently, manufacturing companies are entering into cross-industry partnerships and adapting their working architecture to new, relevant technology. Automation in turn requires retraining or upskilling of employees. And so forth.

Despite the digitisation, the business will always need manual interaction. The question is how you can organise this as efficiently as possible. How do you keep motivating your people in the digital transformation and thus (at least) maintain their productivity?

Leadership and strategy

Leadership is about giving direction. How clear is your strategy, not only in the boardroom but also among management and among employees? Setting out feasible lines for smart growth is already extremely difficult. Let alone translating them into practice and communicating them without going against the corporate culture.

Financial reporting can be very useful here. In addition to looking back, it helps you with the making of forward-looking decisions. Provided, of course, that the figures are correct and taking into account the fiscal and economic reality - just think of the new post-Brexit economic environment.

What are you looking for?

Practical advice stands or falls on the manoeuvrability it provides. Whether it concerns your production processes, your figures, or the fiscal and economic reality. We keep pace with what is going on in the market and with the needs and requirements of your company or organisation.

In other words, your company can count on our multidisciplinary team that is in touch with your business, your objectives and your operational, financial and strategic challenges. The external perspective of an experienced sparring partner often sheds a very different light on ‘what is’ and ‘what’s coming’. And sometimes it forces your own experts to look beyond the walls of your own company or even the sector. Inspiring!

Tailored advice, professional and pragmatic, personal and involved: that’s precisely our strength. As a multidisciplinary team, we constantly consult with colleagues who specialise in other related fields such as taxation, labour law, information technology, cybersecurity, and so on. Always in line with the values, norms and culture of your company or organisation. Use their knowledge and solutions for: