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    “How do I find the right people and stimulate them to be their best selves?”

Professional Services

The end of the ‘war for talent’ is nowhere in sight. Like so many business service providers - those who rely on people as capital assets - you too may find it increasingly difficult to find the right talents and to bind them to your company or organisation. There are basically two ways to maintain your growth ambitions: cut costs or increase the performance of your employees. A combination of both offers the highest success rate.

In short, you combine ‘operational excellence’ with ‘organisation & people transformation’. Reducing production costs and errors focuses on the business side, increasing the quality and strength of your employees on the human aspect. Our experienced experts help you shine on both fronts. By embedding a continuous improvement cycle and culture in your teams, employee motivation will increase. This, in turn, contributes to the overall improvement of your company in the long term. Lean management and agile management are two methods that we use together.

Towards a new work culture

Following the wave of teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic, both employees and employers acknowledge the benefits of a healthy work-life balance to achieve optimal performance. According to recent research, hybrid working is becoming the norm for the New Way of Working (NWoW).

Such a new working culture is not introduced with a mere snap of the fingers. The way in which you roll out the change (call it change management) will determine the strength of your employer brand. The most important resources of your brand - and therefore your ‘employer branding’ - are the people behind it. Employee engagement (or keeping employees satisfied and thus engaged and motivated) goes far beyond working in a flexible workplace or using advanced technology. Values such as trust and autonomy are important levers in neutralising resistance and in transforming the working environment into a culture in which your employees remain committed and continually strive to do better.

People and technology

Technology is not the be-all and end-all, but it is however indispensable to support the performance of your employees. Take Robotic Process Automation as an example that elevates processes and people alike to a higher level. RPA or software bots make use of computer algorithms to take over routine tasks from humans and perform them (more) quickly and accurately. It relieves people of the need to perform ‘boring’ repetitive tasks, giving them more room for other, more knowledge-driven or creative tasks with a higher added value.

The more technological innovations there are, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G, the more efficient and digitalised processes will be to predict peaks in demand or production, to guide your employees towards appropriate training, and so on... Within this digital revolution, people are never far away. Technology will always remain a means, people the goal. The crux of the matter is: how do you keep motivating your people in the digital transformation and thus (at least) maintain their performance or productivity?

What are you looking for?

Your company or organisation can count on our multidisciplinary team that is in touch with your business, your objectives and your operational and strategic challenges. Tailored advice, professional and pragmatic. Personal and involved. That is precisely our strength. As a multidisciplinary team, we constantly consult with colleagues who specialise in other related fields such as labour law, information technology, taxation, automation, accounting, etc. Always in line with the values, norms and culture of your company or organisation. Use their knowledge and solutions for: