• Technology & Life Science

    “What I don’t know, I can’t apply. But I can’t possibly know everything, can I?”

Technology & Life Science

Technological innovation and digitisation, the growing awareness among consumers and patients, the increasing global competition... the developments within the life sciences and technology sector are following each other in rapid succession. Equally striking: over the past decade, the sector has grown very quickly and the demand for capital, private equity or venture capital has remained undiminished. The COVID-19 crisis has further strengthened the need for capital.

The market is also very dynamic. Thanks to the relentless innovation and new developments in recent years in areas such as telecommunications, food and lifestyle, we have seen a significant increase in smaller companies in the market: from start-ups via scale-ups to SMEs specialising in telecoms, healthcare, food, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. In other words, biotechnology and related fields are no longer the exclusive domain of the big, wealthy boys. Technological progress and the access to and affordability of this innovative technology have given that evolution a considerable boost.

Know, understand, apply

The Technology & Life Sciences market is also a global one. Practitioners need to have an understanding of what lives, prevails and moves in it. What you don’t know, you can’t apply. It is up to you and our experts to look far beyond the borders of the company, country or even continent to understand the future-oriented developments and to anticipate the trends in the pipeline. Proactively if possible and preferably in the medium and long term.

One such indisputable evolution is the growing impact of IT. Think, for example, of big data and predictive analytics. One step higher: artificial intelligence. ‘AI will evolve from supporting concepts developed by humanoid thinkers to providing new insights and ideas and will then evolve further to produce purely creative designs that will only be limited (or impeded) by the limits imposed by mankind.’ This is the prediction of the former CEO of Agoria, the federation of the technology sector.

What are you looking for?

Knowing and understanding are essential in every process. Our forward-looking experts know that artificial intelligence exists that can be useful within your (and their) field. They also understand what such technology can mean for your objectives. What the added value is for your company in order to become more effective, more productive, more profitable, more resilient, etc. They also unlock a great deal of added value by combining different activities.

As a multidisciplinary team, they continuously consult with colleagues who specialise in other related fields such as taxation, labour law, information technology, cybersecurity, etc. Pragmatic and - importantly! - tailored to the needs of your company. No innovation or technology for technology’s sake, but what we do consider is: how do we really improve the customer experience and with which feasible solutions can we support your processes and operations more efficiently? No matter how complex they are and always in line with the values, norms and culture of your company or organisation.

Finally, know that you can always call on the know-how of our “Tax & Legal” innovation team. After all, when it comes to working with innovation, you need capital - and not just a little. With the right financial and fiscal support and understanding, you can go a long way. Moreover, it is important to protect your ideas and innovations so that you can maintain your competitive advantage and ensure the growth of your company. In short, we support your innovation journey from idea through development and financing to commercialisation.

Knowledge and solutions

Thanks to our worldwide network, our (and your) expert can at any time call on the knowledge and experience from nearly 170 countries where BDO supports companies and organisations. In other words, your company can count on a broad and international team that is in touch with your business, your strategy and your objectives. Use our knowledge and solutions to help you with:

  • searching for and finding capital to support your growth, including alternative financing through subsidies;
  • preparing the business plan, the valuation and the financing modelling;
  • developing warrant and share option plans;
  • acquisition processes;
  • audit and attestation tasks in the context of subsidy and investment plans;
  • the IPO readiness analysis, IFRS conversions and guidance with the stock market listing process;
  • obtaining the maximum from fiscal support measures (tax credit/investment deduction for Research & Development and/or environmentally friendly investments, patent income relief, exemption from payment of withholding tax for scientific staff/young innovative companies, special tax system for foreign researchers, innovation premiums for staff, etc.)
  • the tax regime around regional subsidies;
  • obtaining venture capital and loans via crowdfunding;
  • Etc.