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All sectors of our economy are calling upon digital connectivity more than ever before. And this is one of the most important trends that is stimulating the telecom sector to develop new forms of cooperation with software houses, network operators, cloud services, system integrators and hardware and infrastructure suppliers. On an underlying level, the line between the telecommunications industry, the media and technology companies is blurring. Both transitions are changing the position and role of telecommunications and managed services companies, which means that you constantly have to search for new revenue models aimed at adding value to digital connectivity.

At the same time, every business trend and opportunity brings new risks with it. Think for example of the growing competition, the speed of innovation with which technology is advancing and the increasing pressure from end consumers who want only one thing: instant satisfaction. Not to mention the need for capital to finance the necessary investments and the increasingly stringent, often European, regulations on the mobile spectrum, data management, cybersecurity and privacy. The important thing is that anyone who turns the risks to his or her advantage in a smart way will work more efficiently, become more productive, be able to retain new customers and give better service to existing customers. That is what you are doing it for, right?

Energy transition, autonomous mobility and hybrid work

Just as globalisation literally connects the whole world, this also translates into the interaction between irreversible social developments and the role of the telecommunications sector. Three examples.

The energy transition is taking shape thanks to the indispensable contribution of telecommunications. There would be no smart grids or smart meters without the input of telecommunications. Conversely, innovative technology is enabling more sustainable use of telecommunications and IT. The security of network and information systems within the energy sector and their continuity and reliability are becoming even more important than they already are.

The same thing applies to autonomous transport. Real-time communication between autonomous vehicles mutually and with the network requires an enormous capacity on the part of the mobile networks. Reliability, availability, speed and security are essential preconditions in this regard.

Notwithstanding the major health crisis it has caused and is continuing to cause, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of telecommunications services to support and facilitate the boost in hybrid working and teleworking.

Multidisciplinary experience and know-how

Your experts are not alone. Complementary teamwork is our extra advantage. At both the national and the international level. Thanks to our worldwide network, they can at any time call on the knowledge and experience from no fewer than 140 countries where BDO supports telecommunications and utility companies. In other words, your company can count on a multidisciplinary team in touch with your business, your strategy and your objectives.

Together we look for specific solutions for equally specific sector issues. From customised tax, audit and business advice to patent boxes, research and development claims, acquisition challenges, and more. Always in a hands-on and feasible manner.

Moreover, our expert(s) is/are in turn supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the most diverse - but often connected - fields. In other words, you gain access to a pool of knowledge about all links in the value chain of your business.

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