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  • Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

The Transport & Logistics sector is a strategic focus of BDO, both in Belgium and worldwide. Our customers are active in, among other areas, transhipment, freight, travel, postal delivery, goods and passenger transport, as well as the associated infrastructure. We understand that the very rapid pace of technological developments and the pursuit of efficient management operations often lead to tensions. Moreover, any type of progress is associated with a cost, an effort. This is why BDO employs multidisciplinary teams with many years of experience and respect for integrity, trust and open communication. Our specialists know and understand your environment, and they speak the same language, which guarantees focus without loss of time or duplication of effort.

Opportunities, as well as threats

Belgium is a consumer society, but without transport and logistics, shops remain empty. Every item, from an apple in a fruit basket to your luggage on holiday, must be transported, whether by land, water or air. After a major dip as a result of the financial crisis (2008), the sector is experiencing a new growth spurt, thanks in part to booming e-commerce and the opportunities offered by the improving global economy. However, this does not mean that the sector is immune to threats. Our experts have detected six such threats and offer tailored services and expertise for each challenge.

1. Globalisation

Globalisation is increasing competitive pressure and as such players are constantly looking for economies of scale. The upshot of this is the consolidation of the number of players in the market.

You are looking for…
a multidisciplinary team of experts to:

  • carry out investment analyses;
  • prepare financing dossiers;
  • carry out strategic due diligence;
  • look into new markets and recent trends;
  • define a growth strategy and validate business plans;
  • provide support for restructurings or transitions;
  • audit financial figures;
  • implement international benchmarking;
  • value organisations or companies;
  • provide tax advice;
  • etc.

2. Urbanisation

Urban areas are expanding more and more and consumers expect things like instant satisfaction, maximum comfort, etc. Consequence: urbanisation is making logistics more complex and smarter.

You are looking for…
a multidisciplinary team of experts to:

  • assist with pricing strategy and profit management;
  • optimise sales and after-sales services;
  • flexibly align the purchasing policy with new developments;
  • roll out cost reduction programmes;
  • implement quality indicators and KPIs;
  • monitor the company’s performance;
  • carry out satisfaction surveys;
  • organise IT and internal audits;
  • carry out risk management activities;
  • get mobility management organised;
  • etc.

3. Demographic change

Demographic change is putting the labour market under pressure, and talent shortages are becoming increasingly acute. This is especially true in the transport and logistics sector, where many jobs are less attractive to potential employees.

You are looking for…
a multidisciplinary team of experts to:

  • translate company strategy into an HR policy;
  • guide, shape or roll out the HR policy;
  • develop efficient management of talent and competencies;
  • improve the satisfaction and retention policy;
  • analyse HR data;
  • apply appropriate HR screening tools and techniques;
  • develop customised HR training courses;
  • set up or optimise an evaluation cycle;
  • benchmark and refine the wage policy;
  • obtain legal HR advice and guidance for labour law and social security matters;
  • review and analyse the social-legal compliance of the employer with regard to staff and the authorities;
  • etc.

4. New energy landscape

The energy landscape is changing dramatically. Specifically, more renewable energy sources and fewer CO2 emissions are resulting in less transport of fossil fuels and more e-mobility solutions, meaning that completely new logistics concepts are needed.

You are looking for…
a multidisciplinary team of experts to:

  • analyse processes and needs;
  • detect new logistics opportunities in the company;
  • draw up an e-logistics & mobility roadmap;
  • help choose relevant customised applications and solutions;
  • set up and assist with change processes;
  • facilitate and integrate the modal shift;
  • set up a predictive analysis;
  • etc.

5. Digital disruption

Developments in technology, such as big data analysis, the Internet of Things and self-learning systems, will continue to digitise logistics processes. They will also make possible new processes to increase efficiency, improve customer interaction and encourage research into new business models.

Textbook cases here are three projects being handled by our experts at BDO Digital:

  • At De Lijn our experts are helping with complex digital transformations;
  • At NxTPort we have been partners since the very beginning for the development of the NxTPort-platform, a leading example of a sector-wide data sharing platform;
  • In terms of supply chain, our experts are supporting the standardisation of the global systems of Manuchar, a global trading, logistics and distribution organisation.

You are looking for…
a multidisciplinary team of digital experts to:

  • screen and benchmark the company’s digital maturity (digital maturity scan);
  • help determine the digital strategy and the right key drivers in your company;
  • analyse processes and needs and detect digital opportunities;
  • support the company’s digitalisation;
  • draw up a digital roadmap;
  • search for relevant applications and solutions that generate real added value;
  • align the company’s IT strategy with the business strategy;
  • roll out data management;
  • automate processes meaningfully and optimally (Robotic Process Automation);
  • etc.

6. Cyber security

The digital world increases the risk of cybercrime, and in many automated supply chains, eliminating cyber security risks is a top priority. After all, an attack can shut down the entire chain.

You are looking for...
a multidisciplinary team of experts to:

  • optimally protect the company’s data (and/or their organisation) against cyberattacks (data security);
  • raise awareness among co-workers to protect the organisation from cybercriminals (Security Awareness & Phishing Training);
  • perform a SWOT analysis or vulnerability assessment tailored to the current cyber and data security setup;
  • act as a security consultant or Data Protection Officer, or in support of the in-house person;
  • etc.