• Transport & Logistics

    “Which logistics flows can be improved? Made smoother? Made more sustainable? Where can I make savings?”

Transport & Logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit have again highlighted the critical importance of supply chains. Meanwhile, European customs rules have not become any less complex. On the contrary in fact. Furthermore, as an import-export business or transporter, you now have to contend with stricter environmental legislation and rising fuel costs, taxes and excise duties. The good news is that national and international trade flows are continuing to grow and so are your business opportunities.

Intelligent organisation

We all know that business opportunities stand or fall with efficiency. This is what the transport and logistics sector is all about. The main objective is to optimise the overall logistics process while maximising capacity utilisation, taking into account your customer’s on-demand delivery times.

All of this requires an intelligent supply chain management (SCM). The focus is not on transport from A to B, but on the customer and the latter’s needs for which you offer tailored transport. Unburden your customer, for example, and shoulder the administrative red tape. How? By a thorough integration of processes and clever distribution planning. And further, by predicting the goods flows with predictive analytics.

What are you looking for?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ miracle solution. But there’s tailored advice and guidance, from the right experienced specialists, who are pragmatic and involved. We cover the entire logistics chain: maritime, intermodal transport, storage, ‘smart cities and ports’ and customs. Thanks to our broad knowledge of the end-to-end supply chain, we can help the most diverse actors to perform even better. For example, we advise and guide customers in the following subsectors: chain directors, customs specialists, port authorities, shipping companies, inland waterway and seagoing operators; waterway managers, shipping agents; road, rail, inland waterway, air and even bicycle operators; terminals, cross-docks and warehouses.

Multidisciplinary and complementary

All that expertise under one roof? Yes indeed. We have a thorough command of the sector, we know the various transport modes, we know how a terminal or warehouse works, we know what ‘intermodality’ can mean, we follow the trends and regulations in the national and global market, etc.

In turn, our experts understand the different value propositions. That expert can be, for example, a strategic adviser, an organisation expert, an HR specialist, a digital expert or a business analyst.

Finally, we have the right ‘change experts’ in house to steer the change and transformation of an organisational model in the right direction, to help integrate new technology or ICT systems, etc., in a way that meets the least resistance.

As a multidisciplinary team, our experts constantly consult with colleagues who specialise in other related fields, such as taxation, labour law, information technology, cybersecurity, etc. They combine this knowledge with best practices and experience in the field. In short, the ideal mix to analyse and fine-tune the organisational, financial, operational and digital story of your supply chain, shoulder to shoulder. So you are ready for today and tomorrow, with respect for the social and ecological developments. 

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