• Transport & Logistics

    Optimise your supply chain capabilities and build a sustainable and futureproof business

Our service offering

Using a four pillar approach, we offer several services to make your business fit for purpose and fit for future:

  • Organisational: align strategy and transformation with organisational capabilities to strengthen them.
  • Financial: keep up with the constantly evolving financial landscape to create sustainable and long-term solutions. 
  • Operational: optimise your business processes by improving your people’s way of working, powered by best practices
  • Digital: align the infra- and infostructure as a digital twin for your organisation.

We ensure a comprehensive, integrated approach and can provide each service separately. You can count on the expertise of our different business practices, combined with a strong industry knowledge in the maritime and transportation sector, warehousing, smart cities and customs.

What role can we play in your organisation? 

  • Business practise expert: knows the different value propositions and can be a strategy advisor, organisational expert, HR specialist, digital expert, or business analyst.
  • Industry expert: has a profound knowledge of best practices and future trends to define the optimal way of working.
  • Program/Project manager: focusses on overall program and project management.
  • Community builder: based on synergies, creates the most optimal solution by and for the community or stakeholder group.
  • BDO Academy: offers a wide variety of tailor-made trainings to further deepen your (industry) knowledge and refine your skills.
  • Business leader advisor: supporting and coaching future business leaders in these different areas.