• Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Developments in technology, such as big data analysis, the Internet of Things and self-learning systems will continue to digitalise logistics processes. They also make new processes possible to increase efficiency, improve customer interaction and drive new business models. 

Digitalise? Yes! Digital technology for the sake of technology? No! But rather: how do we really improve the ‘customer experience’ and the digital conversation with your stakeholders? What are the feasible solutions with which we can support your processes and operations more efficiently? Perhaps the time has come to re-invent the way in which you work? There are thousands of applications. It’s important to choose those solutions that will support your strategy in a meaningful way.

Our experts will join forces with your internal specialists to create a digital road map for switching to the digital era step by step: it’s what they do. They know the valuable technology on the market and are experienced in numerous companies and sectors. Rely on them! 

Digital advice

Our ‘Digital Advisory’ team assists you in determining and rolling out your IT strategy and roadmap. And in building your software architecture. The aim is to align your business strategy with the software, the infrastructure and the employees in order to overcome resistance or obstacles.

Software implementation

Our experts have an end-to-end toolset with a wide range of solutions - the most advanced on the market - to create maximum value tailored to your business (ERP, WMS, TMS, financial software, etc.). Test automation via smart tools speeds up and ensures the software integration.

Emerging technologies and apps 

Have you ever thought about continually improving processes, procedures etc. - in fact, your entire organisation - with the use of advanced technology and apps, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, drones for warehouse and inventory management, unmanned transport (e.g. drones, hyperloops), chatbots and blockchain? We have. 

Advanced analytics

The Advanced Analytics team helps you gain insight into your business processes and data flows. Based on this knowledge, you can then automate routine (and other) tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or optimise them with data visualisation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, process mining, intelligent reporting and business intelligence.

Not automation for the sake of automation, but always with a measurable and proven return on investment.

“Best Shore”/offshore development

BDO Digital and FPT Software Vietnam have been working closely together for years in the development of software applications. In this way, we offer your business a ‘best shore’/offshore software development model.

This unique collaboration allows us to set up or augment on-demand IT teams with the necessary technological know-how, experience and knowledge required for your specific business.


The digital world increases the risk of cybercrime, and in many automated supply chains, eliminating cyber security risks is a top priority. After all, an attack can shut down the entire chain.

Together with our experts, you develop a feasible and pragmatic plan to tackle the most important cyber risks step by step and to strengthen the maturity of the security. Three building blocks are central to this: people, technology and processes.

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