• Transport & Logistics

    Optimise your supply chain capabilities and build a sustainable and futureproof business


Customs Advisory

We help you find the most efficient way to establish your customs success story through advising, screening compliance and efficiency, offering guidance and trainings. This can include AEO certification, IFR and different types of trainings regarding customs, VAT, excise tax, trade and Brexit.

Office of the CFO

Make your finance department fit for the purpose and fit for the future via a 360° solution focusing on 4 areas: technology and data management, and value creation and protection.

Accounting and Reporting

We provide a single point of contact for the coordination and management of all your financial obligations and targets in Belgium as well as abroad. Count on our financial advice and training.

Tax and Legal advisory

Our team of experienced tax consultants and tax experts is made of generalists and specialists who work seamlessly together. While the generalists focus on all-round solutions, from the broader perspective of business, economical or private equity legal needs, our specialists focus on complex subdomains, such as VAT, international tax law, and transfer pricing (BEPS regulations).

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide you with guidance for clarifying objectives and analysing risks and pitfalls. We can assist you with conducting negations and due diligence investigations, drafting or reviewing a letter of intent, establishing a purchase or sales agreement or handling the post-acquisition or merger formalities.

Real estate & construction advice

Count on our multidisciplinary approach in all the financial services throughout the life cycle of logistics buildings and infrastructure.