• Operational management

Operational management

Our multidisciplinary team thinks along with you and helps you make the relevant choices for your organisation. And in doing so, it engages colleagues and partners who are experts in very specific fields or niches. Pragmatic, feasible and - important! - tailored to the needs of your company. Based on experience and best practices, they optimise business processes, set you on the right strategic and operational path and thus increase the profitability and productivity of your employees. The ultimate goal? To strengthen the growth opportunities and profitability of your organisation or business.

Operational excellence (Lean Management)

A strong company is a resilient company. Especially in times of crisis, it’s of utmost importance not only to guarantee your business results, but also to strengthen your organisation structurally. Our operational excellence experts help to increase quality and productivity and reduce production costs and errors. By embedding a continuous improvement cycle and culture in your teams, the motivation of your employees - blue-collar and white-collar alike - will increase.

Supply chain analysis and design

Together, we map out your existing supply chain processes in detail. So that you can better understand them and detect interdependencies. We translate best practices and trends from your sector to meet your operational activity and environment. In this way, we create opportunities to optimise the supply chain.

Value enhancement

Our value enhancement approach is based on six steps for which the 360° diagnosis acts as the foundation. Our experts understand your company and search for the specific value drivers within each business domain (strategy, finance, IT, HR, innovation and product management, sales and marketing, management, etc.). Continuity and sustainable value growth are central here.

Smart cities & ports

Urban areas are constantly expanding. The consumer expects instant satisfaction, maximum comfort, etc. The consequence: urbanisation has made logistics more complex and intelligent.

Our Advisory experts have set the bar high and want to become the most important and trusted adviser of public authorities (ports, cities and municipalities) and their innovation partner. We therefore fully support the United Nations initiative ‘United for Smart Sustainable Cities’ (U4SSC).

A smart, sustainable city is an innovative city that uses information and communication technologies (ICT) and other resources to improve the quality of life, the efficiency of urban operations and services, and competitiveness. Transport, mobility and logistics are important spearheads in this regard.

We consider the port (also inland) to be an extension of the city. How can we get the goods to the citizens as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Apart from the environment, the noise impact, the safety, etc. play an important role in minimising the impact and maximising efficiency.

Risk management and internal control

Everything you do entails risks, be they strategic, financial, operational, IT, compliance, legal, etc. That’s inherent in running a business. Those who are prudent circumvent the risks, but in a calculated and decisive manner. The essence of effective risk management is not so much a matter of eliminating risks, but rather a matter of knowing about them, assessing them correctly and keeping them under control.

Our experts take a close look at your operational, strategic, compliance and financial risks using appropriate internal audits, risk management, internal control and forensic examinations.

The new normal

Is your company making maximum use of the growth opportunities provided by the crisis? To quote Winston Churchill: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Respond to the crisis and prepare yourself for the aftermath. In doing so, focus on six clusters: ensure your business continuity, if necessary resort to flexible crisis sourcing, reduce costs, set up a crisis dashboard, digitalise where possible and prepare yourself where that is feasible for the new normal. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is at your service.

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