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For many years, our experts have been helping companies active in the transport and logistics sector. All of them are specialists who know and understand your environment and speak the same language, which guarantees focus without wasting time or duplicating effort. They service hundreds of companies and organisations and base their approach on four pillars:

  1. Organisational strategy: they align your strategy and transformation with your organisational capacity to get the most out of your resources.
  2. Financial optimisation: they closely follow the constantly evolving financial landscape in order to develop sustainable and long-term solutions.
  3. Operational management: based on experience and best practices, they optimise business processes and thus increase the profitability and productivity of your employees.
  4. Digital transformation: they align the information flows with your IT infrastructure into a digital symbiosis.

It goes without saying that you choose which service(s) you wish to call upon depending on your own needs and requirements. In time and space. Whatever the case, you can count on our expertise and experience with the various modes of transport, storage and transhipment, ‘smart cities’, ‘smart ports’ and customs. It’s our power, so make use of it!

What role do we play in your organisation? 


  • The industry expert: he or she has an in-depth knowledge of best practices and future trends and is able to define the optimal way of working. 
  • The business sounding board: he or she uses his or her knowledge of supply chain or other sectors to challenge the business and contribute content to the project.


  • The field expert: he or she knows and understands the various value propositions and can be a strategic advisor, organisation expert, HR specialist, digital expert, customs expert, finance expert, or business or functional analyst.
  • BDO Academy: offers a wide range of tailor-made training courses to deepen your knowledge (including of the sector) and sharpen your skills. 


  • The programme or project manager: he or she embraces the total programme and project management.
  • The success manager engages the various parties involved for the same objective.
  • The change manager guides the change process and takes care of the internal communication about it.
  • The “community builder”: On the basis of synergies, he or she creates the most optimal solution through and for the community or stakeholder group. 
  • The manager adviser: he or she supports and coaches future managers in all these areas.
  • The innovation partner: he or she leads the integration of RPA, process and data mining, drones, etc. in the right direction.
  • The national and international implementation specialist: he or she supports the roll-out of one or more applications, whether or not in different business units or countries.

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