• Life Sciences

Life Sciences

There are around 200 companies in Belgium operating in the biotech sector. Collectively, these companies employ more than 20,000 people. These biotech companies are active in the healthcare and bio-economics sectors, or are suppliers to the life science industry. BDO is the fifth-largest audit and consultancy firm in the world, operating in over 150 countries. It is very active in the segment of high-tech and rapidly-growing companies that focus on innovation.

BDO will help you with what you’re looking for:

  • Tax credit / investment deduction for research & development
  • Investment deduction for ecologically-friendly investments
  • Exemption with regard to patent income
  • Exemption with regard to payment of income withholding tax for scientific staff / young innovative companies
  • Special tax system for foreign researchers
  • Innovation premiums for personnel
  • Tax regime concerning regional subsidies
  • Tax regime concerning the provision of risk capital
  • Tax regime concerning the provision of loans via a crowdfunding platforms

For more information you can consult the BDO TMT blog.