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12 February 2021

In an increasingly digital and connected world, cyber threats are growing in complexity and scale. As traditional security concepts and compliance based controls no longer provide sufficient protection against hackers, organisations face market and regulatory pressure to take their cyber...

05 February 2021

As Safer Internet Day is celebrated in February, we would like to draw your attention to safe online behaviour. Everyone contributes to creating a better online world, so we have put together some tips and tricks for both professionals and adults as well as for parents and their children. We...

27 January 2021

On October 13th BDO Corporate Finance provided the Transeo members with an on-line training on start-up valuation. Transeo is an international community of transaction practitioners, fostering exchanges and knowledge among the members. 

27 January 2021

In September 2017, the management team of WPG Belgium, supported by an group of Flemish investors, realized the management buy-out of Standaard Uitgeverij out of the WPG group. In October 2019, Standaard Uitgeverij and Ballon Media bundled forces to become the biggest publisher in Belgium and the...

25 January 2021

What is a customer-focused organisation about?Companies may offer the most innovative products or exceptional services, if customers don’t feel valued or have a self-proclaimed terrible experience, they won’t come back.

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