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16 September 2019

Achieving the modal shift by enabling a mental switchEmployees need mobility to find a job and to commute daily to work, but also for many other activities such as meeting other people, enjoying some free time and traveling. For all these reasons, a mobility model needs to be affordable...

06 September 2019

The European Parliament recently approved a proposal from the European Commission to protect whistleblowers. Companies, organisations and governments must arrange a reporting system and may not take reprisals against whistleblowers. The subject is high on the political agenda. It is thus highly...

30 August 2019

It’s one thing to figure out a strategy. Implementing it and translating it into concrete results is another matter. As many companies continue to struggle with strategy implementation, the ‘Integral Performance Management’ model can be an effective tool.

23 August 2019

Monday to work by bicycle, Tuesday to the office by car, and Wednesday to a customer by train (and by scooter for the last kilometre). It’s handy when employees themselves can choose which transport to use for their commute. But it’s not always straightforward for companies and their HR...

14 August 2019

Today, it is a Wonder how easy it is to hack into an organisation. For the simple reason that employees and management are not sufficiently aware of the dangers of the internet. And we are even less vigilant than usual in the holiday season. Because we stand in for colleagues and are not familiar...

09 August 2019

In the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, Belgium introduced the so-called UBO register last year. Initially companies, trusts, NPOs (Belgian and international), foundations, etc. were given until the end of March 2019 to submit the information about their ultimate...

02 August 2019

After years of preparation, the long-awaited reform of the Code of Companies and Associations has been approved by the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. As the new rules will now certainly be applied, we examine in more detail the way in which they will come into effect.

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