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11 May 2021

From funding a project to investing in people and assets, when you’re ready to embark on your innovative journey, your projects need capital – and quite a lot of it.

07 May 2021

In the context of a contemplated shareholding reorganization, BDO has conducted a valuation analysis of The Huggy’s Bar group.

29 April 2021

At BDO, our people, planet and society as a whole lie close to our heart. After obtaining our CO2 neutral certification, proudly granted to us in September 2019, we want to aim even higher. Additionally, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to act more responsibly at a global and a local level...

28 April 2021

BDO approaches ‘Centre of Excellence’ as  making our customers fit for purpose, fit for   future by supporting them through three transformations:Reducing complexity and waste in processesMaking sure your culture makes use of the collective intelligence and continuous improvement mindsetBeing...

28 April 2021

Brexit is now a done deal, so we can move on from preparing to coping with the actual situation. Whether you are now in a state of damage control or busy looking for perfection to increase your competitiveness, BDO Customs can help you to tackle the challenges you are (and will be) facing as of 1...

21 April 2021

Coaching and leadership is not an easy given in an environment where all employees work at the exact same time and location, let alone in a situation where the entire team switches to a hybrid working mode, adding an extra layer of complexity. Our Strategy & Transformation experts share their...

21 April 2021

To avoid the spread of coronavirus, a large number of employers around the world have been forced to move their employees to teleworking. This mandatory remote working may impact the situation of certain internationally-mobile workers who now find themselves teleworking on Belgian territory. Let...

21 April 2021

As from 1 March 2021, the new tax circular (Circular 2021/C/20), created in consultation with the National Social Security Office, comes into force for situations of working from home that have occurred since 1 January 2020. On the basis of this circular, the employer can confer certain...

21 April 2021

The corona crisis has impacted our lives in an unprecedented way. Not only did we have to adjust personally and socially, our professional lives also significantly changed with organisations and its employees being obliged to reorganise their way of working in the blink of an eye. It’s likely...

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