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25 January 2021

What is a customer-focused organisation about?Companies may offer the most innovative products or exceptional services, if customers don’t feel valued or have a self-proclaimed terrible experience, they won’t come back.

04 May 2020

Is your organisation operating in an agile way? Or are you still relying on a traditional waterfall method? Nowadays, organisations are continuously challenged to satisfy their customers’ needs whilst optimising the trade-off between time, cost, efficiency, quality and risk.At BDO, we have worked...

30 January 2019

Is your organization sufficiently protected against cyber-attacks? What are the most important cyber risks of your organization? And will your organization be able to adequately respond in case of a cyber incident?It takes about 10 minutes on average to respond to the 25 questions of this self...

Displaying 1 - 5 of 5