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24 June 2021

When an SME or large company invests in research and development (R&D) of new products or services, the government offers all kinds of advantages, including an additional deduction or a tax credit on these investments.

26 May 2021

On Wednesday 12 May, the 2021 edition of the HEC Advisory Awards took place. Just like last year’s edition, the event was held virtually and turned out to be a great success once again.

19 May 2021

From local parties to national events, such as SuperNova and The Big Score. From a lucrative business selling notes and exam questions to setting up international companies, such as Clear2Pay and SmartFin. Top entrepreneur Jürgen Ingels’ journey has been pretty impressive. He has now bundled...

19 May 2021

Contrary to popular belief, building a successful career does not mean accumulating promotions and getting to the top as quickly as possible. In Making your way: The (wobbly) road to success and happiness in life and work, Marion Debruyne, Dean at Vlerick Business School, and Katleen De...

19 May 2021

Since 26 February 2021, the new annual tax on securities accounts (TACT/JTER) has been applicable. The new tax is derived from the previous 2018 tax on securities that was overturned by the Constitutional Court not so long ago. What exactly is changing?

19 May 2021

On 24 May 2019, millions of young and not-so-young people in 1,600 cities and 125 countries took to the streets in support of the climate. With their protests, they drew attention to the urgency of environmental action and demanded that governments comply with the Paris climate agreement. And...

19 May 2021

With the new Companies and Associations Code Belgians are much less inclined to resort to the Dutch foundation to transfer or anchor their family business. In 2020, over 50% more Belgian private foundations were established in Belgium than the previous year. The number used as an administration...

19 May 2021

In this rapidly changing society, lifelong learning has become the new normal. Not only for employees who want to maintain their ‘job security’ and market value, but also for companies and organisations who want to bring the skills and competences of their employees in line with their strategic...

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