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05 February 2021

As Safer Internet Day is celebrated in February, we would like to draw your attention to safe online behaviour. Everyone contributes to creating a better online world, so we have put together some tips and tricks for both professionals and adults as well as for parents and their children. We...

27 January 2021

On October 13th BDO Corporate Finance provided the Transeo members with an on-line training on start-up valuation. Transeo is an international community of transaction practitioners, fostering exchanges and knowledge among the members. 

13 November 2020

On 7 October, Vlerick Business School launched its ‘Centre for Financial Leadership & Digital Transformation’. BDO Belgium and BDO Global will serve as primary knowledge partners and experience experts. The aim? ‘To take the finance department to the next level through digital transformation...

13 November 2020

In a world of exponential change, accelerating digital transformation and the COVID-19 crisis, human connections are an increasingly essential part of leadership. However, many managers struggle to connect deeply with their people and what motivates them. Jan De Schepper, executive director at...

13 November 2020

For many entrepreneurs, the coronavirus crisis is having a significant impact on their financial forecast for the current financial year. To avoid needlessly increasing costs, the government has launched the so-called carry back scheme. This is an early loss deduction for corporate, personal tax...

13 November 2020

in a previous edition of To The Point (03/2019), we took a closer look at the reasoning behind, and implications of, the new DAC6 tax reporting obligation as set out in the European Directive 2018/822. Belgium transposed this directive into Belgian legislation in the nick of time. The tax...

13 November 2020

The so-called Summer Agreement of 2017 on corporate tax reform introduced the group contribution scheme. Belgian legislation hereby gained a tax consolidation system, albeit in limited form.


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13 November 2020

Accountancy goes far beyond simply dealing with your VAT administration and drawing up a balance sheet. Our experts apply much of their time and know-how to making customers’ administrative processes optimal, automated and ‘dummy-proof’, and this also applies to our customers’ customers. Polish...

13 November 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, few or no employees have been physically present in the workplace, which has severely disrupted normal operations at many companies. As implementing the usual social election process was no longer feasible, the Group of Ten (the top employer and trade union negotiators...

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