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14 October 2020

On 7 October, Vlerick Business School launched its ‘Centre for Financial Leadership & Digital Transformation’. BDO Belgium and BDO Global will serve as primary knowledge partners and experience experts. The aim? ‘To take the finance department to the next level through digital transformation...

06 October 2020

The Global Tax Outlook 2020 provides a report back from BDO’s new international research programme on Tax. It's touching on the most common issues business leaders are grappling with in Tax, today and looking 2-5 years ahead.

30 September 2020

CHINA: Policies on improving the methods of withholding and prepayment of individual income tax \ HONG KONG AND MACAU: What’s influencing investors’ business strategies for Hong Kong and Macau? \ SPAIN: The impact of COVID-19 on tax residence in Spain

07 September 2020

BDO estimated the fair value of OVVI Diagnostics SRL, a start-up in the medtech industry developing a diagnostic technology to address women’s health issues.

31 August 2020

CANADA: How will President Trump’s proclamation on immigration affect your business and talent strategy? / HONG KONG: Second tranche of subsidies under the Employment Support Scheme (ESS) unveiled by the HKSAR Government / UNITED KINGDOM: Calculating National Insurance Contributions

14 August 2020

The world-renowned professional consulting firm BDO and the civil association PUBLICUM, o.z., the official organizer of BLOCKWALKS conference, focused on the utilisation of blockchain technology within the public sector have conducted an important global survey. We have entered a new industrial...

11 August 2020

In an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus many countries have entered a state of lockdown with full prohibition or limitations on retail activities, with temporary closures of shops, bars, restaurants, and non-essential retail businesses, in order to avoid public gatherings. These...

07 August 2020

With the launch of the 'Horizon Results Booster', BDO Corporate Finance will deliver expert support to the European Commission for the development of business plans for Research & Innovation projects. Together with the consortium partners META, Trust-IT Services, Icons and Ecorys, BDO Corporate...

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