• BDO Belgium, sponsor of HEC Advisory Awards

BDO Belgium, sponsor of HEC Advisory Awards

10 June 2018

The 2018 edition of HEC Advisory Awards, sponsored by BDO, took place on 8th May and was a great success!

The “Advisory Awards” is a competition for HEC students, as part of their course “Analysis of financial statements and financing of a company”. The competition is the final phase of team works and brought together the top four student teams. They had the opportunity to show their skills in front of a jury of professors, 2 colleagues from BDO Corporate Finance team, and representatives from Discar and Kalscheuer, the 2 companies which were analyzed by the students.

The competition was organized in 2 steps: presentation by the students of their analysis of the company (strengths, weaknesses, financial statements, main ratios…), followed by a debate between the students, in which they had to defend the position of a potential buyer or seller of the company.

The winning team went home with several prizes. Moreover, BDO was responsible to award a student with the BDO Merit Award. The prize was won by Quentin Servais, who received a Bongo Europe travel ticket.

For more information on this event, please contact Didier Smet or Virginie Meunier.