• 3 leadership tips for building your resilience

3 leadership tips for building your resilience

05 May 2020

Building your resilience

Resilience is the capacity to find ways to cope and take a step back while maintaining a clear vision, taking into account that the only constant today is change. 

How to build you resilience

Tip #1 Daily check-in
Check in with yourself daily. How do you feel physically and emotionally today? Be honest with yourself when answering the question.
As a leader in times like these, it is important to know how you are doing in order to be more present and available for your team.

Tip #2 Me-time
Make it a priority to take 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to just do something for yourself that gives you energy, whether it is doing art, exercising, reading a book, meditating, etc. What matters is that it involves no work, no kids, no housework, nothing but time for you. 
Me-time should always be a priority, regardless of confinement situations or not, but particularly in these unprecedented times where we navigate uncertainty and anxiety, it is important as individuals to breathe and give ourselves some space to just be.
Tip #3 Mental distancing
Keep a journal. Take 5 minutes every day and write down what you are feeling or doing. Write about your check-in, about the events from the day before, how they affected you or what impression they left on you, etc. 
Writing things down can be quite therapeutic to help us structure and gain distance in what we are dealing with daily. 

In a fast-changing and uncertain environment like today, resilience will make the difference. It’s why our team will publish 3 tips every Friday. To make sure you don't miss our next tips, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.