• 3 leadership tips for building your resilience 2.0

3 leadership tips for building your resilience 2.0

12 May 2020

Why enhancing your resilience?

Resilience is the new core competence in an age of unprecedented changes. A good way to relate to resilience is this story about two shoe salespeople who travel to a third world country in search of new business opportunities: 

The first salesperson contacts the headquarters: “I’m coming back home. There’s no hope here. Nobody here is wearing shoes, so there’s no one to sell to.” The salesperson boards the next flight home. 

The second salesperson calls the office and says, “You wouldn’t believe what I found here. There is so much opportunity. No one here is wearing shoes. I can sell to the whole country!” 

Resilience is the ability to transform (and even transcend) challenges into opportunities, bringing a whole new perspective to the situation. Thankfully, resilience is something that you DO rather than HAVE, meaning each one of us can train and develop his/her inner resilience with daily practices.   

Resilience is a self and collective journey 
Last week, we focused on self-resilience. It’s the main foundation to build our own resilience in order to, in a second phase, be able to open up to our colleagues and to lead by example. This week, we want to have a closer look at practices fostering resilience within a team.

Tip #1 Group assessment
Invite your team members to perform a check-in. How are they feeling? How would they position themselves in the graph below: easy/bored, in the flow or overwhelmed?

Just asking ourselves this question allows us to put the current situation into perspective and recognise the (tiny) positive aspects. The current COVID-19 times may be stressful, but we can also feel the growth. It is okay to feel calm right now and it is okay to feel stressed.

Tip #2 Embrace the wholeness
Sometimes, your colleagues might not be your best friends. Nevertheless, due to COVID-19, our professional and private lives are becoming entangled. Some of us may be  directly affected by the disease or one of their relatives, and we’re all working from home with kids, a  partner or alone. This unique situation is not easy and directly impacts our daily job. We are encouraged to welcome not only the professional side of our colleagues, but their private ones, too.  Time is needed to listen carefully to one another, for informal non work-related conversations, team rituals, …

It’s key to slow down, to not overlook on performances and to take time for people and what’s going on in their lives.

Tip #3 Celebrate small key co-achievements on a weekly basis 
A team priority is to retain the team dynamic remotely and keep motivation high. One way to reach those objectives is by launching small projects/assignments that can be carried out together and which can be easily achieved in a short period of time.  

More than ever the team needs a sense of accomplishment, that ‘they can do it’ and feel that they are valuable.  Activities and tasks must be selected that are achievable within a week. By focusing on smaller steps, energy will flow. Short iterations are key, so that the team can celebrate their achievement together on a weekly basis.

Trello is a good tool to share and follow the progress in a team. It promotes team spirit and a sense of achievement (certainly when you move the post-its in the ‘DONE’ column!). You can easily see what can be celebrated at the end of the work week.

All in all, resilience is a mindset and an intention. These practices will lead you to new ways of working and to more resilience, enabling the team to cope with chaotic situations.

In a fast-changing and uncertain environment like today, resilience will make the difference. It’s why our team will publish 3 tips every Friday. To make sure you don't miss our next tips, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.