• BDO Belgium’s participation in Vlerick Business School’s Buyout Conference

BDO Belgium’s participation in Vlerick Business School’s Buyout Conference

05 February 2020

BDO strengthened its longstanding relationship with Vlerick Business School in 2019 by taking an active role in various conferences organised by both entities. In 2020, BDO will continue to invest in its association with Vlerick with planned seminars, conferences, and public appearances.

BDO will kick off the year with the 8th edition of the successful “Buy Your Own Company” conference on 20th of February 2020. The conference allows partakers to listen to the success stories of experts, network, and participate in various seminars and workshops. Furthermore, the event is organised to bring together M&A enthusiasts and professionals, and promote shared learning. This year, the scope of the conference will be enlarged to include how M&A can be used as an accelerator for company growth. BDO Belgium, represented by Alexi Vangerven and Mathew Jeffrey, together with over 20 years of experience in M&A, will organise a workshop about how to value companies in the context of an acquisition.

The purpose of this conference is twofold. Firstly, attendants will be able to learn how to use M&A for growth, and gain practical insights from leading acquirers. Secondly, they will be able to expand their network and connect with M&A professionals, entrepreneurs, and company owners.

BDO and Vlerick joined forces in 2012 in the Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts. BDO Belgium is proud of its continuing alliance with Vlerick Business School, and will further invest in its relationship in 2020. We look forward to many more conferences, workshops, seminars, and future cooperation.