• Valuation of OVVI Diagnostics

    A start-up in the med tech industry developing a diagnostic technology to address women’s
    health issues


Valuation of OVVI Diagnostics

07 September 2020

In the context of a contemplated contribution in kind, BDO has conducted a valuation analysis to determine the fair value of the shares of OVVI Diagnostics. 

OVVI Diagnostics delivers a point of care test technology to address women’s health issues through the magnetic detection technology.

For our valuation works, 4 valuation methods have been retained, being

  • the cost approach,
  • the Discounted Cash Flow,
  • the Risk-adjusted Net Present Value and
  • the Venture Capital Method.

They were corroborated with market references.

 The client was satisfied and quote the valuation work as a "job well done with a very cooperative approach with the many involved parties".