• Sell-side mandate Pegase
Case study:

Sell-side mandate Pegase

08 November 2018

The niche luxury tour operator Pegase, which operated as a business unit under Thomas Cook Belgium, has become an independent company after investment of the private equity firm BV Capital Partners. BDO Corporate Finance acted as the sell-side advisor in this transaction. The new company is called Pegase Travel NV with the two main shareholders being Thomas Cook Belgium and BV Capital Partners. The transition towards an independent company has already been ongoing since 2015 after which it was already starting to operate as an independent business unit within Thomas Cook Belgium.

BV Capital Partners is a private equity firm investing mainly in leading enterprises of niche markets. It can be described as a hands-on investor with a history of developing and building up firms in a variety of sectors. BV Capital Partners is for instance involved with Teconex, LensOnline, Matco and the Sports and Leisure Group.