• BDO Digital co-creates Customer
    Delight training track for KBC
Case study:

BDO Digital co-creates Customer Delight training track for KBC

15 August 2019

“As a banker, you can only provide the right solutions and proposals when you understand the unique situation of your customer.”


KBC is a Belgian bank and insurance company with over 1,600 branch offices and about 10 million customers. Like many banks, KBC is facing a number of challenges:

  • The perception of the banking sector has suffered from the crisis which has left many costumers feeling sceptical. As a consequence, the customer churn rate increases and customer loyalty decreases.
  • Online banking needs and services increase exponentially. Clients can now carry out many banking transactions online or via mobile devices and apps. Banks are obliged to invest in their online presence.
  • As a consequence, real-life contact with banking employees decreases. However, personal interaction becomes more important as a way to make a difference in service provision.

As a reaction to these trends, KBC launched a program to create a “hospitality experience” and customer delight through personal interactions. The effect is measured through the Net Promoter Score.


In collaboration with the retail network support team, BDO Digital co-created a Customer Delight training track based on scientific research on customer delight and behaviour design. The training track included an inspiration session, a leadership workshop and 3 sprints (half day training sessions) with exercises on leverages on how to create customer delight by working on effort reduction, expectations and empathy. Finally, a consolidation session per team was organised in order to anchor the learnings.

The track was piloted with end users (employees and managers). A team of 5 trainers rolled out the track for 1,100 employees and managers in 3 regions and 14 office clusters over a total of 204 sessions.


After 6 months, we achieved results on various aspects:

  • A significant increase in the Net Promoter Score;
  • A significant increase in business growth;
  • An overall appreciation of the training track, for example, considering the useful techniques, interactions with colleagues and training methods.

The roll-out of the training track (theme: “Play to Win”) for all remaining regions is set after a final tuning-in collaboration with internal training teams.