• BDO Digital develops ready-to-use Service Design toolkit to enhance
    VDAB’s job stores service
Case study:

BDO Digital develops ready-to-use Service Design toolkit to enhance VDAB’s job stores service

14 August 2019

“The goal was to develop a Service Design toolkit adapted to the specific context of every job store in order to enhance the service and customer experience.”

VDAB is a Flemish job agency dedicated to assisting people when trying to find a job. Their ‘job stores’ (‘Werkwinkels’) are collaborations with other organisations such as VVSG, RVA and GTB, and want to offer help to people who have difficulty finding a job.


Until now, optimising the service of the job stores was always carried out top-down, however, the ‘top’ was not fully aware of the daily reality and the kind of customers who visited the stores. That is why BDO Digital wanted to involve the teams of the stores and their expertise in their own daily service if VDAB wished to enhance their services.

The goal of this project was to develop a service design toolkit adapted to the specific context of the job stores. This toolkit had to guide every store in their critical reflection on their operations and help them to develop enhancement initiatives. Two stores participated in a pilot project, namely those of Sint-Niklaas and Sint-Truiden.


Initially, observations, interviews with counsellors and customer surveys were carried out to collect insights about the customers and their experience. These insights were then processed into visualisations like journey maps and translated into practical challenges. They provided a starting point and served as a basis for the co-creation workshops in which the two stores participated.

During the workshops, the job counsellors had the chance to generate ideas to improve their own service. We stimulated this exercise by giving impulses and by challenging ideas, among others by using personas, customer journey phases, other channels, looking at other (public) services to get inspiration, etc. The impulse and challenge depended on the idea the counsellors brought forward. To verify whether the optimisations were efficient, the changes were validated by two other job stores.


The workshops helped us to design, validate and test a ready-to-use Service Design toolkit for every VDAB job store to enhance the services they offer.

We also implemented various service optimisations based on the experience of the customers and supported by the job store counsellors.

After the co-creation workshops, the job stores translated the ideas into experiments. Every experiment is run for a specific period of time and then evaluated. The idea is either improved by something else, replaced by another idea or implemented permanently. This phase is still in progress while we provide the necessary support.