• BDO Digital helps DEME setting up new asset, purchase and logistics system
Case study:

BDO Digital helps DEME setting up new asset, purchase and logistics system

14 October 2014

“By setting a clear scope and listing the main action points, we set out an operating system that includes all in- and outputs of E2E business processes and requirements.”

DEME is a global solution provider for activities such as dredging, land reclamation, hydraulic engineering, installation of offshore wind farms, services for the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sector and environmental activities such as soil remediation, sludge recycling and reassessment of brown fields and wreck clearance.

Today, DEME is active in over 90 different countries and has a permanent workforce of 4,600 dedicated people. In 2015, DEME even won the award for Company of the Year.


Over the years, DEME has grown significantly, which lead to a demand for a new approach to manage the Asset Lifecycle, global spend, supply chain, etc. All of this should be supported by a future-proof software platform. To carry out this project, DEME relied on its major asset which consists of a dredging fleet and is backed by a broad range of auxiliary equipment.


BDO Digital approached the challenge in three stages:

In a pre-study, we clearly scoped the project based on interviews with important stakeholders within the DEME group as well as the project objectives and approach.

Together with DEME, we set up different action points with the goal to set out the future operating model of DEME. This allowed the Project team to define the business processes and requirements, the future information model and the software architecture. For example, expert work groups were launched to transfer knowledge on current practices (demand, purchase and supply) and to define the business operating model. Next, based on the definition of the building blocks and the high-level architecture, several market scans were carried out to identify a short list of possible vendors.

Lastly, we assisted DEME in selecting the most suitable vendor, based on the BDO Digital Application Sourcing Approach.


Thanks to this collaboration between DEME and BDO Digital, we achieved the following results:

  • A clearly defined business process driven operating model which includes process visualisation charts, in- and outputs of all the E2E business processes in scope, and functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Guidance in the simplification and standardisation of the current practices and procedures of business processes in scope.
  • A future-proof platform providing flexibility towards long-term strategy.
  • Result-driven guidance by BDO Digital consultants based on best practices in Application Sourcing and business process management.