• BDO Digital helps Ewals improve the provision of transporting services
Case study:

BDO Digital helps Ewals improve the provision of transporting services

24 July 2019

“Any Logistics Service Provider that can simultaneously manage complex supply chains, decrease costs and improve service levels will have a clear competitive advantage. This demands a comprehensive planning and communication solution. Ewals can now focus on logistics without worrying whether ICT can follow or not.”

Bart Desent, Ewals Cargo Care

As stated on their website, Ewals Cargo Care creates unconventional logistics products for its customers and industry. They develop innovative and intelligent systems and processes to stay ahead of the curve and to solve the latest challenges in logistics. They combine shipments by road, rail and short-sea to create the very best multimodal combination for your cargo.


Ewals Cargo Care was looking for a way to open up consignment information more transparently to their external stakeholders (both customers and partners such as trucking companies). What’s more, the company even aimed to enable external stakeholders to interact with the Ewals system in order for them to become part of the internal processes. As a result, the communication between the stakeholders would become more structured, more automatic and more reliable. All parties involved would also get a clearer overview.

The Technology

Liferay portal is an open source enterprise portal with features that are commonly required for the development of websites and portals. The portal includes a built-in web Content Management System to build websites and portals as an assembly of themes, pages, gadgets and a common navigation.

To support BPM initiatives, Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) like OpenText (Cordys) can be used. These are a collection of tools that aim to bridge organizational and technological silo’s. Business process automation is achieved through executable process models and integration capabilities. Moreover, BPMS platforms contain functionality to monitor these end-to-end processes.


Firstly, we collaborated with the Ewals team to map out the existing processes and available data. Secondly, we tackled the design of the architecture to connect all the back-end systems and to define the web services, together with end-users (customers, sub-contractors and internal Ewals users).

After finishing the design, BDO Digital was responsible for the implementation, using a combination of Liferay and OpenText (Cordys) technologies.


Thanks to the integration of all back-end systems in OpenText (Cordys), all stakeholders are now able to consult their own portal with Ewals Cargo Care data. More specifically, the portal benefits three kinds of people:

  • Customers of Ewals can log in the portal where they will find an overview of their orders, which goods are in what consignment, the status of planned transports and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Partners (e.g. trucking companies) on the other hand, can get an overview of the transport items they are assigned to. They can also accept consignments and add extra information (e.g. number of the used trailer), which is directly added to the Cordys back-end.
  • Ewals employees can use the portal to create new orders. Cordys will ensure that all the necessary back-end systems get the information they need.