• BDO implements co-bots to assist Tax Officers
Case study:

BDO implements co-bots to assist Tax Officers

23 August 2019

“By implementing ‘co-bots’ that mimic the different actions of the Tax Officers, we reduced the working time, gained accuracy and speed, boosted performance and streamlined client services.”


BDO is ready to become European Tax Compliance Service provider. For their international trading clients, they manage multi-country tax declarations to every European local tax authority.


By using RPA, 'co-bots' are implemented to assist the Tax Officers. BDO Digital RPA Team members trained the bots to mimic the different actions the tax officers perform. By only leaving exceptions for manual intervention, managing the monthly client filing took less time, become more accurate and faster (avoiding waiting time for the Tax offers). As a consequence, performance is boosted and client service can be streamlined and improved. 


The ROI, estimated in FTE work offload, is more than 50%.