• Acquisition of IT services company People and Technology by major industry player NRB
Case study:

Acquisition of IT services company People & Technology by major industry player NRB

20 March 2020

The Herstal-based ICT company NRB recently acquired People & Technology, a service company based in Brabant Wallon and mainly active in Brussels and Wallonia.

As recently mentioned by NRB CEO Pascal Laffineur in several press releases, this acquisition is expected to sustain NRB’s current growth and specifically to strengthen its managed staffing activities. 

The consolidated revenue of NRB amounts to more than 351 million euros, and the company currently employs more than 2.200 employees. On the other hand, People & Technology recently reported a statutory revenue of 7 MEUR and a total of 60 employees and freelancers. The acquisition is taking place in the context of NRB’s ambitious industrial plan, which aims at completing a target consolidated revenue of 500 million euros in 2022, and at expanding and strengthening the company’s service portfolio.

As buy-side advisor, BDO Corporate Finance assisted and supported NRB throughout the acquisition process.

The complete press release is available on People & Technology’s website.

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