• Indirect Tax News December 2015

Indirect Tax News December 2015

17 December 2015

  • NETHERLANDS - Important change in Dutch tour operator margin scheme regulation 
  • ARGENTINA - Withholding tax ‘gross up’ to be included in VAT value of imported services 
  • AUSTRALIA - Second exposure draft legislation released on GST and cross-border transactions 
  • AUSTRIA- Roundup of VAT changes for 2016 
  • BELGIUM - Threshold for VAT exemption for small entrepreneurs increases again 
  • FRANCE- 2016 French Finance Bill calls for the French distance selling threshold to decrease 7
  • GERMANY-  VAT deduction based on an invoice adressed to a PO Box
  • HUNGARY - VAT changes for 2016 
  • INDIA - Round up of recent developments in indirect tax
  • INDONESIA- VAT not collected on import of certain transportation vehicles and associated services
  • IRELAND - Finance Bill 2015
  • ITALY - Different VAT treatment for rebates and bonuses to customers. New administrative penalty system in force soon
  • LATVIA- VAT reverse-charge payment method to continue
  • NETHERLANDS - Double or non-taxation on private use of company cars in cross-border situations 
  • PERU - New system involving a negotiable invoice and the VAT payment mechanism 
  • ROMANIA - VAT rates to be reduced from 2016
  • SLOVAKIA - Slovakia’s recent legislative changes
  • SPAIN - VAT refund procedure for costs of non-PE activities
  • SRI LANKA - Key VAT changes proposed in the 2016 Budget