• Indirect Tax News April 2017

Indirect Tax News April 2017

04 April 2017

Indirect Tax News from all over the world:

  • AUSTRALIA: GST on intangibles, services, and low value imported goods
  • ARGENTINA: Creation of substitute taxpayers when foreign subjects render services in Argentina
  • BELGIUM: VAT exemption for “Cost Sharing Associations” – new regulation 
  • COLOMBIA: Recent changes to VAT 
  • FINLAND:Changes in reporting and accounting for VAT
  • GERMANY: Consignment stock – possible simplification?
  • THE GULF COOPERATION COUNCIL STATES: VAT to be introduced in 2018
  • INDONESIA VAT and/or Luxury Tax reimbursements to contractors in upstream oil and gas activities
  • ITALY: VAT groups
  • JAPAN: Revision of Consumption Tax rules related to provision of cross-border electronic services
  • LATVIA: Changes in taxation periods
  • NORWAY: The VAT representative scheme is changing
  • SERBIA: Alignment of Serbian VAT legislation with EU VAT rules
  • SINGAPORE: GST registration liability
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Non-executive directors – employee, VAT vendor or both?
  • SPAIN: Preparing for entry into force of the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) system \ Spanish VAT treatment of vouchers
  • SRI LANKA: Recent VAT changes