• Can I invoice in bitcoins?

Can I invoice in bitcoins?

26 October 2017

A client recently asked our Digital & Innovation department the following question: “Can I invoice in bitcoins?”. This novel question inspired us to write this white paper and give you a perspective on the "ready to use solution" for e-invoicing. We have consulted our various experts within BDO in order to put together a comprehensive answer.

In this white paper:

  • What is bitcoin?
  • How is this digital currency created?
  • How can they be obtained?
  • How much is one bitcoin worth?
  • Is it possible to invoice in bitcoins?
    • Concept of legal validity
    • Concepts of bank account (IBAN-code) and addresses
    • Accounting treatment and electronix processing of the exchange rate
    • Payments Log
    • VAT declaration and payment
  • Will blockchain technology support the use of digital invoicing?
  • Our approach