Overview of companies as of 1 May 2021

To organise our strongly growing company as efficiently as possible, we have chosen to simplify  
our corporate structure.

Why is the corporate structure of BDO changing? 

Even though BDO Belgium is one organisation as a whole, in reality our group consists of different companies. Our growth during the past few years – a direct result from our traditional business activities as well as from new activities and acquisitions – has led to more complexity in our corporate structure. On top of that, the new company law obliges enterprises to organise themselves differently. We therefore now aim to simplify this by merging a number of companies within our group. 

What will change? 

Here you will find all the legal changes which will enter into force as of 1 May 2021.

How does this impact me?

Your on-going agreements with us will remain unchanged and will be carried out under the same conditions. By law, they will be integrated in the new structure. 

Neither do these legal mergers impact our professional relationship. Our way of working will remain the same in order to guarantee the same quality service offering that you are accustomed to from us. 

However, our new company information will need to be adapted in your own files where we have been mentioned as your service provider. In case the data on the following page is insufficient to do so, we kindly ask you to contact your regular contact person at BDO.