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    “Cash is king & time is money.” – Jo Heijse, BDO Belgium


Is gathering and preparing all the necessary information to engage with budget holders one of your finance department’s most time-consuming activities?

Is consolidating departmental budgets also taking a great deal of time and is it often subject to strict time constraints?

Oracle EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) can support, simplify and accelerate your periodic budgeting process. It even makes it possible to digitise the entire process,
up to and including the cash flow position.


How can we help you?

Our multi-disciplinary teams (made up of financial & digital experts), can help you with the implementation of software solutions like Oracle EPM.
EPM supports the development of different budget scenarios based on one or more variables. You can adjust these variables during consecutive
periodic budget cycles on the basis of more accurate forecasts for the next budget period.


Which results can you expect?

Thanks to the most accurate data and analyses from the finance department in consultation with budget holders, your company can take specific actions
and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

An implemented tool makes it easy to integrate your most recent financial data from the ERP/accounting system. Clear dashboards and reports accelerate
data reporting (including consolidated data). For those who want to stay in control of their cash flow, EPM also offers functionalities for the simulation and
planning of future positions.


Ready to move from digital exploration to a conversation?

Still in doubt if you should invest in a planning & budgeting tool? Want to know how to implement this type of software?

Just contact one of our colleagues. We are happy to help you out.

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