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    “There’s only so much data you can gather from mail pigeons…”


Do you want to set up a digitalisation project for your logistics processes and don’t know how to handle it?

Maybe the implementation of a software tool for complex logistic offerings can help you?

The logistics landscape is changing as a result of supply chain digitalization, which is harnessing and expanding innovation and technology that benefits from cost reduction, risk reduction, and development in multiple single local operators as well as more complex end-to-end logistics services providers.

These service providers offer door-to-door logistics solutions that empower the modal shift to include other freight transport modes, such as rail, water, air and non-motorised traditional road transport. These alternative modes to traditional transport positively impact air pollution, road accidents and traffic jams.


How can we help you?

We start by analysing the logistics & transport-related business processes of your organisation and provide you with valuable insights.

Digital platforms are created by organisations to connect and integrate these intermodal transport modes, warehouses, and expeditions. For the implementation of such a digital platform, we have the right experts in-house to get you started and support you through and after the implementation process.

We have a partnership with Globis, a modern, flexible Quote-to-Cash platform. It can calculate, plan, perform, and invoice complex logistics offerings. The sales and implementation of Globis are done by value-added resellers.


Which results can you expect?

Our Logistic Implementation experts help you to implement software with the following benefits for your organisation:

  • In the software system, inter-modal transport, warehousing, and forwarding activities can easily interact with each other and be subcontracted across modes by tracking internal and external execution, even with value-added services. This information exchange provides a uniform and multimodal view of the customer order across different service delivery layers.
  • Due to supply chain management and supply chain optimisation, which cover creation and support from scratch, from developing strategies to directing complex logistic processes as efficiently and economically as possible, your transportation gains maximum profit at the lowest possible cost.
  • Thanks to multi-level contract management, sales orders are automatically matched with the right conditions and decisions are made almost automatically. This 'zero-touch' administration further reduces the pressure on your supported services.
  • All parts of your business organisation, from operation scheduling to shipping and delivery, will work together through supply chain planning that maintains the process of forecasting demand, organising supplies of materials and components to meet that need, and coordinating sales, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.
  • The invoicing process is carried out automatically and is based on formal contract terms and detailed calculations of the sales figures. Ultimately, these allow customers and subcontractors to prepare their invoices. 
  • Globis is highly scalable and customisable, ensuring a perfect match with core business functions.
  • We also have extensive integration options with your existing software systems, for example with accounting packages, etc.


Ready to move from digital exploration to a conversation?

Would you like to know more about the digitisation of your logistic processes or which software tool can help you? Just contact one of our colleagues. We are happy to help you out.


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