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    “Be Smarter, Work Less, Grow Faster” – Nils Vanherpe


Is your company growing and do the IT applications no longer match by lack of integration?

As your organisation grows, either organically, or through M&A, the number of different software solutions grows along with it. Each solution is developed to serve a specific purpose, but in many cases these disparate technologies are not designed to communicate effectively with one another. Systems aren’t integrated and employees end up wasting valuable time trying to manually sync data. Mission-critical workflows become increasingly inefficient and incomplete.


How can we help you?

Our BDO Experts start with a deep dive into the specific needs of your unique business. To make data syncing and systems integration workflow possible, we then combine leading-edge integration solutions, digital advisory services, custom application development and APIs. From requirements planning and architecture to testing and deployment, our full-service SI Services team develops and implements system integration strategies that promote productivity, reduce cost, and increase agility.

With Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), we can offer you a containerised platform running on Kubernetes. This means there are no infrastructure requirements, and your integrations will always be up-to-date, secure, and scaled to your needs. Integration as a Service (IntegraaS) comes with monitoring and alerting. Connectivity between databases, applications, files, and sources residing on-premises and in the cloud is supported. This provides users with a more loosely coupled environment, safe from complex interdependencies.


Which results can you expect?

Once your IT landscape becomes more integrated, your employees will stop wasting valuable time trying to manually sync data, and mission-critical workflows will become increasingly more efficient and complete. Your applications will maintain their specific purpose while communicating more effectively with each other.


Ready to move from digital exploration to a conversation?

Would you like to know more about Application Integrations? Or how the containerised platform running on kubernetes can help you with the integration of your applications? Get in touch with one of our colleagues.
We are happy to help you out.


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