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  • Robotic Process Automation

    “Why waste time doing boring repetitive tasks?” – Walter Vanherle.


Year by year, companies - and the people inside them - are expected to do more work in less time.

One thing that we all share, we like to spend time on value-added tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) originally helped with flexible and fast time to results. Automate quickly and swiftly, in a low-code modus, easy screen-to-data, and data-to-screen handlings to act as a bridge to the gaps between applications. The RPA software environments have evolved (very) quickly in adding functionality like a direct connection between applications, with the embedded use of Artificial Intelligence to make the 'handlings' even more reliable and future-proof towards User Interface changes and system-related adaptations. The software suits are now equipped with Task Capture (show me how you do it and I repeat), Task Mining (algorithms extract the best path for automation from multiple of people executing a specific sequence of handlings or a task), Process Mining (identify practically and economically where in an end to end process is it worthwhile to replace manual work with robotics). 


How can we help you?

You can count on us to Analyze - Strategize - Plan, Implement and Monitor your digital workforce.   

  • We help you, using Task Capture, Task Mining, and Process Mining to identify the 'best' tasks and activities for automation. We craft your Business Case(s) for investment justification and follow through with them to monitor benefit realization.
  • Together, business, IT, and we, determine which tasks or processes are eligible for automation and prioritize them for realization based on key performance and risk indicators. We determine together the mode of operation or realization. We show you how you learn while doing. We perform and you, when ready, take over. 
  • We'll assist with the ongoing support, often while remaining in realization mode with automating additional tasks. We prepare your Centre of Expertise for take-over operations (benefitting from the automation) when ready.  


Which results can you expect?

We are convinced we provide a future-proof and robust digital workforce environment realizing the targetted benefits. 

  • The use of a proven development framework guaranteeing effective operations management
  • A reusable code library for even quicker additional and maintainable existing scripts
  • Set-up and follow-through of the software and hardware environment for maximal use and continuous operations. 
  • Business benefit realization with Higher quality & accuracy operations (replacing manual tedious work), Fast Opportunity to Realisation cycles at lower cost then other techniques.
  • Ultimate better addressing employee wellbeing reducing churn and improve job attractiveness towards new hires.


Ready to move from digital exploration to a conversation?

Would you like to know more about Robotic Process Automation? Or how the software tool Ui Path can help you automate your organisation? Just contact one of our colleagues or request a demo below. We are happy to help you out.


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