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    “Let’s make sure you maintain your speed, but don’t lose your quality” – Stoffel De Vidts


There is one constant in the world of digitalisation: companies and teams are supposed to deliver quality solutions in shorter and shorter time periods.

An area that has gotten a lot of attention in the last years is the speed with which we deliver solutions – agile methodologies, sprints, self-steering teams, … A question that a lot of people forget to ask is: “how can we sustain our speed, while also preserving our quality?”


How can we help you?

Our Test Automation team is focused on: how can we help our clients accelerate their projects and goals, without having to worry about the quality that they deliver. This is where Test Automation comes into the picture with the help of our BDO Automation Methodology (which is integrated in BDO’s larger 360° approach).


Which results can you expect?

Our consultants help you to automate your software testing in a stable, robust and future-proof way. Our goal is to deliver a holistic solution that will make sure our clients can focus on their core tasks, and leave the repetitive testing tasks to their robots.


Ready to move from digital exploration to a conversation?

Would you like to know more about Test Automation? Or how the software tools Leapwork or UiPath can help you with your software testing? Get in touch with one of our colleagues or request a demo.


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