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Calculation benefit in kind company cars

Income year:

2020 2021 2022

Catalogue value (incl. VAT & options, excl. discounts & reductions):

CO2 emissions (g/km) (1):

Type of fuel (2):

Age of the car (in months) (3):

Personal contribution (yearly):

Statute for social security:

Commuting (8):

Fuel costs borne (partially or entirely) by the employer (9):

Employee/company manager Monthly Yearly
Benefit in kind excl. personal contribution (4) 0 0
Personal contribution 0 0
Benefit in kind incl. personal contribution 0 0
Professional withholding taxes (5) 0 0
Solidarity contribution (6)   0
Disallowed expenses   0
Corporate tax on disallowed expenses (7)   0

This calculation is merely of indicative nature. Should you require an accurate calculation or more information on the regulation, please do not hesitate to contact:

If you want to see which CO2 emissions should be used (NEDC/WLTP) please consult our article


(1) Should the certificate of registration not mention the CO2 emissions and the emissions rate is also not known by the Belgian Office for Registration of Vehicles (DIV), a fixed CO2 emissions rate will apply: 205 g/km for vehicles on gasoline, natural gas or LPG and 195 g/km for vehicles on diesel.
In case it concerns an electric car, the CO2 emission is 0 g/km.
Attention, from 2020, to determine the CO2 emissions of so-called 'false hybrid cars' bought/leased as of 1 January 2018, the CO2 emissions of the corresponding model with only a combustion engine must be taken into account. If no corresponding model with only a classic engine exists, the CO2 emissions of the hybrid card need to be multiplied by 2,5.
If you want to see which CO2 emissions should be used (NEDC/WLTP) please consult our article
(2) For a hybrid car you have to consider the type of fuel that is being used apart from electricity: diesel or gasoline.
In case it concerns a hybrid car, do not select 'electric' but select the type of fuel.
(3) Every month (even if the car was first registered at the end of a certain month) should be considered as an entire month.
(4) The monthly benefit in kind for the private use of a company car should be calculated based on the number of calendar days of the particular month. So, the monthly benefit is not equal to the benefit in kind on annual basis divided by 12.
(5) For the estimate of the professional withholding taxes we assumed a "worst case scenario" which means that a separate tax rate of 53,50% was used. The professional withholding taxes that will actually be due on the benefit in kind will depend on the monthly taxable salary of the taxpayer.
(6) Only due in case Belgian social security is applicable.
(7) The maximum rate of 25% (for 2019 and 2018: 29,58%) is applied, This could possibly be lower in case the company is subject to the reduced rates of corporate tax.
(8) Commuting presumes a fixed workplace, implying that the employee commutes at least 40 days per calendar year from home to this fixed workplace. If there is no fixed workplace, the employee is not entitled to the EUR 430 tax exemption for commuting ( EUR 420 in 2021 and EUR 410 in 2020 and 2019).
(9) From 1 January 2017, the beneficiary's personal contribution can no longer be deducted from the amount which the employer has to declare as a disallowed expense in its annual corporate income tax return. In addition, the percentage of the benefit to be included as a disallowed expense has increased from 17% to 40% if the company bears the fuel costs (partially or entirely) on behalf of the beneficiary of the company car, either by means of a fuel card or by means of expenses notes.



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