20 March 2013

Zaventem, 21 March 2013 - BDO Belgium and Cockpit Group have decided to join forces, to better support entrepreneurs in structuring, analyzing and interpreting the financial and non financial information within their company. As from May 1st 2013 BDO welcomes Cockpit Group, managed by Grégoire Talbot, with a team of approximately 20 persons.

Hans Wilmots, CEO BDO Belgium: "BDO aims at actively supporting companies improve the quality of their reporting. Every day we meet entrepreneurs who are informed too late and/or inaccurately about their own financial situation and about the quality of the company’s performance. And this is unacceptable, as the entrepreneur has to keep a critical eye on his operations, whether or not there is a crisis."

Reason enough for each company to build in a number of quantifiable measurements (financial and operational), called “KPI’s” or “Key Performance Indicators”, and continuously compare the company results with the past, but also with business prospects (budget), preferably by means of a convenient and comprehensive automated reporting.

Grégoire Talbot, CEO Cockpit Group, comments : "We are a team of experts, specialized in the visualisation of company performances. We help the entrepreneur to quickly identify the qualifying factors that influence profitability, and help manage their costs. The method used by “BDO Reporting” is both pragmatic and efficient. It is based on structuring and centralizing the often dispersed information within the company, and builds a number of quantifiable measurements or KPI’s, linked to a clear reporting and concrete improvement plans."

The « BDO Reporting » experts offer dashboards, monthly activity reports, business plans, budgets, financial analyses, productivity analyses, client satisfaction surveys and concrete action- and improvement plans. « BDO Reporting » also guides the entrepreneur during the automation of its data flows into a structured and automated reporting (datawarehouse).

BDO and Cockpit Group are convinced that their modern vision of company needs will most certainly meet the expectations of their current and future clients, as well as the multidisciplinary solutions they offer on a day to day basis.

The entire team will be part of BDO Belgium as from the 1st of May 2013.