12 May 2013

Did you know BDO also handles the payroll administration of clients?

In the past, we already offered a monthly payroll coordination service whereby the actual calculations and documents were drawn up by a recognized payroll agency.

As of May 2012, the services are available in-house. BDO uses a licensed payroll software package. We process the full payroll administration as regards the social security contributions and withholding taxes of the gross salaries and performances of both employees and company managers as delivered by the client and related registrations and declarations. In brief, we make sure that the client is compliant with all legal obligations.

Our focus lies on international groups and foreign companies employing personnel in Belgium, through a branch or subsidiary, where we can provide for additional value as well as legal assistance and compliance with all formal obligations as an employer.

The pay slips, accounting documents, individual accounts, individual tax sheets… are drawn up in Dutch, French and/or English.

Please be aware that when your company is currently working with a payroll agency, the contractual relationship should in principle be terminated before 30 June in line with the procedures as detailed in the signed agreement. Hereby, BDO can also assist.

Interested? Please contact one of the following persons at our Competence Center Employment Tax and Legal Services: Peter Wuyts or Tom Laureys.