09 January 2013

BDO Belgium passes the ceiling of EUR 50 million in turnover

Zaventem, BDO Belgium publishes its annual figures for 2011-2012 and once again records good growth with regard to the previous financial year, including passing the ceiling of EUR 50 million in turnover for the first time ever.

Hans Wilmots, CEO BDO Belgium: “BDO Belgium has, despite an uncertain economic climate, grown by 9.4% in the past year. We also have a confident attitude towards the new financial year that started on 1 October 2012, although we realise that the challenges will get only bigger. The crisis is far from being at an end, but we are convinced that we have the assets in hand to help entrepreneurs safely through the storms in this turbulent period. A company needs a proactive coach now more than ever, one who confronts the company with reality on a regular basis. In this regard, international entrepreneurship is growing more important every day. The 2012 BDO Global Ambition Survey clearly shows that companies are looking for safer markets and that willingness to take risks has drastically decreased. BDO can, based on its expertise, play an important role in the process that leads to decisions.”

Results of the BDO Global Ambition Survey

CFOs, internationally, are still inclined towards international expansion and also expect to be able to bring this about successfully. This appears from the third edition of the Global Ambition Survey, carried out by BDO and in which more than 1,000 CFOs in 14 countries were surveyed. The opinions on whether or not it has become easier or harder to start up activities abroad in the past three years are very diverse; 19% say it is easier, while 29% claim that it has actually become more difficult.

Hans Wilmots, CEO BDO Belgium, has the following to say in this regard: “CFOs are increasingly forced to look beyond their own borders for growth opportunities. Our study shows that the risk to profit ratio is changing, given that ambitious CFOs are having to deal with bigger risks to achieve the same amount of profit. However, those who strategically select their markets increase the chances of success, even in riskier markets.”

Specialised advice is gaining in importance and entrepreneurs are no longer able to keep it all in house. BDO anticipates on this more than ever and precisely has this expert knowledge in-house, which allows BDO to succeed in achieving its motto of having a closer relationship with the client by, in comparison to more than 500 other professionals, making an unparalleled number of specialities in various domains available. Whether it concerns corporate finance, interim management, modern reporting systems, (international) taxation, or the more traditional audit services, BDO serves its clients in a professional, personal and pragmatic manner.

Moreover, because international entrepreneurship is the future, BDO is actively participating in an initiative by the International Chamber of Commerce, i.e. the International Business Institute (IBI), at which professional training courses are developed for current or future entrepreneurs with international ambitions. After all, BDO is no stranger to international taxation. The fact that our knowledge and experience in international taxation is well known is also proven by the award that BDO received in 2012 from the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) in the category “Tax Advisor of the Year”.

Here you can find an overview of the figures from the 2011-2012 financial year.
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