28 January 2014

BDO Belgium continues to invest constantly in the future

Zaventem, 29 January 2014 - BDO Belgium once again shows steady growth during the 2012-2013 financial year, thanks to its further accumulation of knowledge and experience in a range of specialities as well as an expansion of its services.

Hans Wilmots, CEO of BDO Belgium: “In spite of the crisis, BDO Belgium has not been standing still, but has resolutely decided to turn challenges into opportunities. BDO is continually re-examining itself and is encouraging change in order to reap its rewards later on. We recommend that other entrepreneurs adopt this approach as well. Companies need a proactive sparring partner more than ever, one who confronts them with reality on a regular basis. In this regard, international entrepreneurship is growing more important every day. BDO correctly strives to challenge the strategic and operational decision-making processes of clients on a systematic basis.”

2013 - a year of new partnerships

BDO is moving forward, and in 2013 it invested heavily in structure and creativity, in knowledge and skills, in people, in offices and in society around us. Examples in 2013 include BDO’s partnerships with Cockpit Group (dashboard reporting) and Adforum ((mainly strategic) HR and management consulting). Having welcomed Moore Stephens Financial Services right in the heart of Brussels, BDO can now serve the Brussels entrepreneur from nearby as well. In early 2014, BDO welcomed the new colleagues from M-Pro Consult, a legal consulting firm that has special expertise in labour law and social security law, as well as those from Perspective Consulting (PPC), which specialises in Public Sector consulting services in Wallonia and Brussels.

Hans Wilmots, CEO BDO Belgium, has the following to say in this regard: “When an entrepreneur deals with an organisation such as ours, he expects more than just error-free annual accounts. They have a real need for a discussion partner who can challenge them on their financial and strategic questions: What are the risks and the opportunities? How do I formulate strategic goals and translate them into concrete objectives? How do I measure success properly? How do I find pragmatic solutions for specific urgent problems? As a specialist in family-owned businesses, with a particular talent for listening with interest to the concerns of entrepreneurs, we are prepared to take on this challenge from our 9 offices in Belgium and with the backing of an extensive international network. By placing the quality of our services at the very top of the agenda, and thanks to many years of investing in knowledge, expertise and specialties, BDO Belgium can look forward to the future with confidence.”