10 March 2015

The yearly ranking of Thomson Reuters, one of the leading references for investment banking and corporate finance advice, places BDO no. 1 as financial advisor for the small cap & mid-market M&A ranking in the Benelux, with more than 90 deals. Moreover, on a European level BDO achieved the 3°and respectively 4°position in the small cap and mid-market segment. Worldwide the number of BDO supported deals has increased from 621 in 2013 to 720 in 2014.

A merger or acquisition (M&A) is an important strategic momentum and offers a number of opportunities for companies. It is a commonly used way to expand geographically, develop new activities, increase the client database or arm itself against competition – or simply acquire them.

Since the 2008 crisis, many companies and financial institutions are left with a huge and often unused ‘war chest’, which has helped increase the M&A activities for several years in a row.

Every year Thomas Reuters issues a ranking of the most important players in the M&A landscape, based on the number of transactions realized.

The ranking makes a difference between ‘small cap’ transactions up to 50 Mio USD and ‘medium cap’ deals up to 500 Mio USD.

Worldwide the number of BDO deals has increased from 621 in 2013 to 720 deals in 2014. On a European level, BDO remained in 3rd position in the small cap ranking and on 4th position in the mid-market segment.

In the Benelux however, BDO claimed the 1st position both in the mid-market, as well as in the small cap, with more than 90 deals.

Johan Vandenbroeck, Partner Corporate Finance, adds: “The recent ranking of Thomas Reuters has put us in pole position on the M&A market for small & mid-caps for the Benelux. It clearly shows that the approach we have followed since we started up our Belgian Corporate Finance Department, now 5 years ago, is the right one. It translates in an average yearly growth of more than 30%. Right from the start, we guarantee our clients, regardless of their size, an all-inclusive and professional service through our 5 core competencies: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Due Diligence (Transaction Services), Valuation, Business Modeling and Financing. Next to SME’s, a number of large Belgian and International companies (such as Ackermans & van Haaren, CFE, Orchestra/Prémaman, Ice Watch, GBL,…) entrust BDO with such sensitive assignments, resulting in our excellent reputation in the market”.

The graphs below show an overview of the M&A activities, split up by sector, respectively in the small & mid-market segment

Thomson Reuters is a Canadian-American multinational with a turnover of 12,9 Billion USD.  The merger company was established in 2008, when the originally Canadian company Thomas bought the news-service Reuters.  Thomas Reuters specializes in information services and alike products, especially in financial, legal, tax, medical and scientific industries.  The company employs about 55.000 people in more than 100 countries.