13 January 2016

The ‘BDO Business Runs’ comprise a brand-new concept: a series of eight corporate running events, spread out all across Belgium, with the objective of encouraging as many businesses and their employees to engage in sports activities together. Through this platform, BDO aims to offer other entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity to participate in eight of Belgium's biggest running events: the DVV Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon, the annual Ghent City Run, Jogging Ville de Namur, the Antwerp Port Run, the GvA Straight Through Mechelen Run, the Lieges 10km, the Belfius Brussels Marathon and the HBvL Straight Through Hasselt Run.

We will officially be launching the ‘BDO Business Runs’ at the renowned DVV Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon (organised by Golazo Sports) on Sunday, 17 April 2016.  Thousands of well-trained - and less-trained - colleagues will be giving it all they've got. Everyone is welcome to participate, from interns to CEOs, and from absolute rookies to accomplished athletes. These events will enable our employees to collectively engage in sports activities and enter into athletic competition with other business enterprises; together they can win a place in the business ranking.

Before and after the competition, colleagues and business partners will be able to gather informally at the BDO Business Zones: exclusive corporate villages where businesses can host their employees and/or clients in a convivial atmosphere. 

More information is available on www.bdobusinessruns.com

A healthy mind in a healthy business

BDO is a young, dynamic and highly motivated company that actively promotes the principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body (and therefore a healthy business). BDO and Golazo constitute excellent sparring partners in this endeavour -  with the distinction that Golazo literally wants to get businesses and entrepreneurs moving, while BDO also aims to get them to work on improving their health metaphorically. BDO supports organisations in maintaining their health and guides them towards greater fitness in the future. Good sportsmanship, team spirit and a convivial atmosphere go hand in hand in this.'

Hans Wilmots, CEO of BDO Belgium: 'Only by pushing your boundaries in a controlled manner and taking up clearly defined challenges will a business be able to get ahead in a healthy way. This is what we call "entrepreneurship". And BDO wants to be a source of inspiration.'

BDO Business Run Calendar

Sunday 17/4/2016 Antwerp - DVV Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon

Sunday  22/5/2016 Ghent - Stadsloop de Gentenaar

Sunday 11/09/2016 - Namur - Jogging Ville de Namur

Saturday 17/09/2016- Antwerp - Havenrun

Sunday 25/09/2016 - Mechelen - GVA Dwars door Mechelen

Sunday 02/10/2016 - Liège - Liège 10 km

Sunday 02/10/2016 - Brussels - Belfius Brussels Marathon

Sunday 09/10/2016 - Hasselt - HBLvL Dwars door Hasselt