25 January 2016

BDO Belgium believes in strong leadership

BDO Belgium publishes its figures 2014-2015 and records once more a stable growth with respect to the previous fiscal year, through healthy leadership.

Hans Wilmots, CEO BDO Belgium: "When an organisation feels strong it grows in confidence.  And confidence breeds ambition.  BDO is a strong organisation, established on the firm foundations of mutual respect and shared responsibility.  And BDO has a strong team; a team that can help us realise our ambitions."

From vision to strategy

BDO aims to stay attractive to entrepreneurs and to its employees.  BDO wishes to be seen as an honourable, high-quality service provider. And BDO also wishes to be seen as an employer that offers its employees the ideal working environment to develop themselves. 

With today’s technology, data processing is no longer rocket science, and it takes over some of our work.  At BDO, we don’t see this evolution as a threat, but rather as an opportunity.  The latest technologies allow us to invest more time listening to our clients, sitting down with them and solving the problems that keep them awake at night.

Our range of products and services has been expanded and deepened during the last five years, preparing us well for this challenge.  But with another organisational structure, as one approaches repetitive work entirely different than the development of tools.  And the way a generalist works differs greatly from how a specialist handles bigger projects.  This turnaround towards listening to the customer needs is radical, and requires distinct leadership.

From caution to leadership

At BDO, we expect all employees to feel responsible and involved in the organisation as a whole.  It sounds simple, but it isn’t.
Hans Wilmots, CEO BDO Belgium, remarks: "Leadership is all about setting a good example and motivating others to frequently take initiative.  It’s about inviting client and colleagues to keep moving, both literally and figuratively, and about keeping health and fitness top of mind.  Because to run that extra mile with a smile, you need to be in peak condition."
The new annual report is available here