• Relax – your VAT refund requests are in good hands at BDO

Relax – your VAT refund requests are in good hands at BDO

Pascal Dauw, Partner |

24 July 2017

Did you know that on an annual basis, millions of euros of foreign input VAT are not being reclaimed?

Are the formalities for VAT refunds and numerous questions in foreign languages also a burden to you?

BDO has the knowledge and tools to apply for the refund of VAT that you are entitled to in different countries.

Foreign VAT refund requests

It is a recurring phenomenon that the annual VAT refund requires a lot of administrative work and follow up. Indeed, each individual refund request needs to be filed in the required format of the country concerned. In addition, each country has its own rules (i.e. exceptions or limitations) for the deductibility of certain costs. Due to a lack of knowledge and because of this administrative burden millions of euros of input are not being reclaimed.

Moreover, additional requests for information by local VAT authorities, often in foreign languages, may also arise at the occasion of a VAT refund, requiring short dues dates, efforts and knowledge.

BDO disposes of in-house knowledge and tools to assure swift and efficient handling of VAT refund procedures in each of the 27 EU member states at a correct price setting. We can also assist you with the VAT refund in non-EU countries (e.g. Switzerland, Norway, etc.).

Note: this year’s foreign VAT refund requests (within the EU) need to be filed prior to 30 September 2017.

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